Meter box cover can be made of transparent PC\ABS, Glass-steel, etc. and meter box base with ABS, Glass fiber, Cold rolled steel sheet, Stainless steel plate, Aluminum alloy, etc. The base and cover is connected with implicit buckle structure in multi point. 

Through  the assembled  from one to twenty or more epitope assembling type ammeter box with  users switch. Breaker , junction boxes ,relay and copper wires can all be installed in its proper position inside the meter box.

Power supply management department control section can be fixed on the box, as long as the laboratory switch control room.

For poor weather condition, the meter box can be made of SMC material, it is quite light but with high mechanical strength. Meter box is with vertical hinge, it is anti congeal, rot and aging, and with good insulation and high voltage protection features. 

Type Configuration Parts Specification
JN-P1201ZK Line in Circuit breaker NM1-225S/330
Line out Circuit breaker DZ47-60/2
Line out Isolating switch NH2-100/2