Single Phase Split Keypad DIN-Rail Prepayment meter JN101

JN101is a single phase two wire split keypad DIN-Rail prepayment meter. The meter consist of two parts, The MCU (Measurement and Control Unit) and the UIU (User Inter Unit). The MCU is of DIN-Rail mounting with locking clip to fit to a 35mm Din-Rail, which allows utilities to mount the MCU in a cabinet located on the ground or on the top of pole. Meanwhile, the customer’s premises. The design of the MCU allows multiple units installed in one enclosure, reducing the cost for the utilities.

  • Prepay and post-pay configurable

  • Tariff configurable(TOU)

  • Load limit configurable

  • Tampering events record

  • Friendly mode configurable

  • Support PLC connect to UIU 

  • Multiple-tamper detection

  • Douvle circuit measurement (Live and neutral)

MCU (Measurement and Control Unit)

The MCU contains measurement and control circuits as well as disconnection device. The MCU contains LEDs for consumption rate, communication status.


UIU(User Inter Unit)

The UIU provides customers with a user friendly interface, While it is installed in customers’ home. The UIU includes a LCD display, a visual credit status LED and keypad. The UIU can display some specified functionalities like acceptance or rejection of tokens, the credit status, the status of communication between the UIU and the MCU, historical usage data and the ability to recall the last ten credit tokens entered, and etc.

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