8KW household hybrid photovoltaic and storage converter


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    Name Parameter
    Basic Indicators
    Model H3P8K-H
    Rated power 8kW
    Heat dissipation mode Natural
    Comunication Interface WIFI/GPRS
    BMS Interface RS485,CAN
    Ingress protection IP65
    Anti-corrosion grade C5
    Cooling Natural
    Operating temperature -25℃-60℃
    Altitude 4000m(Derating above 2000m)
    Relative humidity 0-95%
    Maximum efficiency ≥97.5%
    Euro  efficiency ≥96.5%
    AC Output data
    Rated Voltage 380V/400V
    Rated power 50/60 Hz
    Max Output Current 12.7A
    Power factor >0.99(0.8lagging-0.8leading)
    THDi <3%
    DC componet <0.5%In
    Type of grid 3L/N/PE
         Input DC (PV)
    Max PV Input Power 12kW
    Max PV Voltage 1000V
    Start-up Voltage 125V
    Rated Voltage 700V
    MPPT Voltage Range 180-850V
    Number of MPPT Rackers 2
    Strings Number Per MPPT 1
    Max input Current Per MPPT 13A
    Max Short-circuit Current 16A
    RSD fast shutdown YES
    Battery input data
    Voltage Range 125-600V
    Max Charging/Discharging Current 50A
    Rated Charging/Discharging Current 40A
    Battery type Lithium /Lead-acid
    BMS Interface CAN/RS485
          Backup output parameter
    Max Output Current 12.7A
    Rated Voltage 380V/400V
    Rated Power 50/60 Hz
    THDv <2%
    Switching time <10ms
    Overload capacity 110%,10mins;125%,60s; 150%,1 s
    Protective function
    Anti-counter-current function YES
    DC polarity reverse protection YES
    DC/AC lightning protection YES
    Battery reverse protection YES
    AC short circuit protection YES
    Ground fault monitoring YES
    Power grid monitoring YES
    Anti-island protection YES
    Leakage current monitoring YES
    Insulation impedance monitoring YES
    Battery over/under voltage protection YES
    Battery high/low temperature alarm YES
    Low battery capacity alarm YES