Three Phase Four Wire Smart Meter DTS149

Three phase static meter with LCD used to measure and record the consumption of electrical power. The meter is with high accuracy, good stability, strong surge capability, high reliability. It is a advanced, reliable measuring tool which is required by electricity department.

High definition LCD display

  • Forward & reverse active energy measurement

  • Far infrared function (optional)

  • Indicate phase loss

  • Display at power off


  • Forward & reverse active energy measurement

  • Freeze energy

  • Multi-tariff


  • Scrolling display

  • Button press display

  • Power off display

  • Using three super-bright long life LED pilot lamp

Data Back-up

  • Adopt redundancy design on data security, data adopt multi- back-up,multi-physics device.

Interface output

  • Pulse output is operational to use for calibration or power-gathering

  • Clean data

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